How to Start a Business with $100 in 5 minutes!

Who may be a stony-broke college boy a way to begin a web business with simply $100, stay tuned? What is up, guys? If you are current to the channel, my name is Ode. I am going by Odin Productions. I simply stony-broke thirty-six, 000 subscribers.

 I’m a businessperson and build business videos; I do very little vlogs and also tutorials, tips, and simply basically documenting my business, and additionally serving to others and young aspiring entrepreneurs with beginning their businesses.

Start a Business

 I’m teaching stony-broke college boy, my friend guided missile, a way to start a business with simply $100. Yeah, that is one author. However, let Pine Tree State provide you with guys little concerning Pine Tree State before we have a tendency to get into the video. 2 years past

 I bore out of UCLA with a 3, 5 standard in my senior year in order to pursue entrepreneurship and on-line business. And simply 2 years later I’m basically living my dream life. I live here in my apartment in downtown Chicago, if you guys want to check it out, it’s such a beautiful, gorgeous day these days downtown. you’ll be able to guys can see it’s the Chicago watercourse right there.

 However, it’s a pleasant day. This can be my living accommodations as you guys can see here. it is very mussy so please do not mind that. I used to be able to move to lie a couple of years past from San Diego, California.

 As you guys will see Ingot this small artwork that is a touching throwback to my town. Basically, I went all-in on entrepreneurship and everything looked as.

if it would estimate. Thus my goal during this video and with my channel is to inspire alternative young entrepreneurs or those that are just wanting additional from their life and facilitate them get from A to B. thus that is essentially what.

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 I am here for. However currently what we’d like to do we’d like to travel to obtain a guided missile. We’re going to go hop within the automobile, which may be a Porsche 911 Turbo. We’re going to go obtain guided missile straight away, then we’re going to introduce her then we’re going to puzzle out a way to get this business started for simply $100. Let’s go. Alright.

 I am here within the parking garage that is to hop within the whip. There she is. Alright, guys, thus we have a tendency to are herein my Porsche 911 Turbo. For anyone United Nations agency is new the channel you haven’t seen my car before, yeah, this is it.

 It is a custom 911 Turbo. I did a vehicle wrap, it’s got exhausted, and it’s got new HRE wheels on them, wrapped in some Michelin, pallet super sports. However essentially.

That’s just automobile speak for anyone United Nations agency is into cars. Yeah, picked up this turbo a number of months past in San Francisco. Picked it up off the salesroom floor.

I even have a video on my channel if anyone desires to examine that. However essentially I used to be able to modify it, customize it all the thanks to my feeling, and currently, it’s simply a lot of good, the approach she sits straight away.

However, we have a tendency to be driving over to go obtain Samantha. Gonne chooses her up, going to get some lunch then we’re going to head back here to my living accommodations, in order that we are able to begin this business with simply $100. Alright guys, stay tuned. Hi Sam. – Hi. – Alright, you able to do this? – Yea.

 Alright, let’s go, hop in. Alright, thus we have a tendency to be here on the sky lounge of my living accommodations. We’re going to get to know Sam a touch bit higher, and I am going to tell her the totally different business models and therefore the business model which we’re planning to attempt to replicate these days.

 Alright, thus your name is guided missile. – Yes. You’re in school, correct? – Yea, I am a junior. You are a junior, thus you’re the third year in school. Wherever does one study? Ignatius of the Loyola University of Chicago. – Okay, cool, and what is your major?

 Straight away, I am business unawed. – Business, alright, perfect. We’re making a business these days. She studies business, thus it all works out. Thus let the folks apprehend, do you have any expertise with on-line business at all? – No, none. – You have ne’er done Amazon FBA- No. you have ne’er done dropshipping with Shopify, affiliate marketing?

– No. Perfect, alright, thus we are virtually reprehension on a daily basis one beginner who has no previous expertise with on-line business; no skills in terms of like you have ne’er created a web site before? – No. – Okay, perfect.

 Alright, this is often fully good. Thus this is often simply to point out to you guys that although you do not have any skills you’ll follow together with this video and that we can really begin making a business for simply $100 these days.

 Thus I am planning to explain to guided-missile the business model that we have a tendency to be planning to go after these days with the business that we’re going to begin. Thus this business model is called affiliate selling. So Sam, have you ever heard about affiliate marketing?

 Alright, thus you recognize nothing about affiliate selling. Well, as luck would have it I am the affiliate marketing skilled, and mentor thus I will teach you what affiliate selling is correct currently. Thus essentially the approach that affiliate selling works are it’s simply referrals.

 Thus with tons of corporations like Amazon, they need their own affiliate program known as Amazon Associates, which is that the largest affiliate program in the world. If you have watched any YouTube videos or technical school reviews wherever they need Amazon links within the description, sometimes those art Amazon Associates links. And what happens is every time you click those links.

 If you order something within twenty-four hours, the person whose link you clicked truly receives a percentage of the merchandise worth as their commission. But one of the biggest benefits of affiliate selling is you do not truly have your own merchandise or services; you are solely referring people through links.

Therefore it’s all digital and it doesn’t value you something to push these merchandise, because you do not even have to have or have the merchandise in hand, not like Amazon FBA or dropshipping.

 Wherever you really have to be compelled to buy the merchandise. therefore adore what you need to try and do is produce sort of content, sort of a piece of content sort of a video, or a journal post or a review and you place your affiliate links therein a piece of content.

 And if anyone clicks and purchases through that, then you’ll receive commission primarily for months if not years to come back. In order that sounds pretty sensible, right? Passive financial gain, low risk. I mean, what is to not love about affiliate marketing?

Alright guys, therefore we’re about to start performing on our business. Currently, the primary step of creating any affiliate selling a business is to settle on a distinct segment or business. Therefore without delay, I am going to asks am a series of inquiries to see.

 if we are able to figure out the correct niche for her in order that we are able to pursue this business, which not solely can or not it’s profitable, however, it’s going to even be fun for her. Therefore let’s begin with the primary question. Sam, what area unit a number of your passions?

 What area unit you captivated with in life? (Sam laughs) Sorry I place you on the spot here, but … – Is it weird if I say dogs? – No, wait, that is particular. Initial of all, we have a tendency to might do the whole web site on it. I mean UN agency does not love dogs, right?

 Let’s have a look at, dogs, you bought the other ones? – Music. – Music, okay, music is sweet. Music too likewise. Dogs is maybe a little better for affiliate selling however let’s, you bought anymore? – Um, nice makeup.

 Makeup, therefore makeup is actually an extremely huge market and honestly, makeup is pretty favorable as a result of they need high commission rates on Amazon that I will show you when we get into the pc. Currently, I’ve checked out makeup before, not on behalf of me in person…

 But like, I’ve scrutinized the business and it is a booming business. I mean there are unit folks that create millions simply off of YouTube makeup tutorials. And therefore the issue is, I in person, clearly I am unable to get into it cause I in person do not wear makeup.

 however good for you, you’re captivated with it and this can be something which you’ll pursue, that this can be one thing that we should always positively take advantage of. Therefore guys selecting a niche that you are captivated with are de facto necessary.

Currently, there are 2 schools of thought on this. Some individuals say forget your passion, opt for one thing that creates cash. However honestly, once you’re just obtaining started, for instance, this can be your initial business.

 And you do not have a lot of cash to speculate and additionally like, you don’t really have all the abilities nevertheless, it is vital to choose something you are captivated with to start with because you will gain those skills and keep dedicated and keep performing on it rather than losing interest. And so once you have those skills you’ll progress to a lot of profitable niches within the future.

 However lucky for SAM here, makeup is really an extremely profitable niche to start with. Therefore we have a tendency to might hit a home run on this initial strive, so yeah, that is pretty sensible. Alright, this second part we area unit getting ready to truly begin making the business, creating the whole. therefore we’re going to hop into my housing and find on the computers we are able to show you guys piecemeal, click by click, however, we have a tendency to get this done.

 Alright, therefore we have a tendency to hopped back in my housing. We have a tendency to area unit getting ready to hop on the pc right there. I’m going to let SAM truly take the driver’s seat and she’s actually progressing to do all this whereas I direct her.

 I am going to primarily be over her shoulder, therefore simply take a seat SAM. There we have a tendency to go, perfect. Therefore as you guys will see she is on the pc.

We have got the digital camera going too; therefore we are able to get many completely different angles. I am going to set this camera down right here, and so you guys will see this. Alright SAM, therefore the first step that we’re going to do is we’d like to come back up with a website name.

 And your web site name, this is known as a site. And what we’re going to do with that website name is produce a website an internet site website known as AN authority website. Therefore it is a niche authority website; I’ve created a number of them.

 My initial niche authority website is really right here, it’s, therefore perhaps if you head to real fast.

Therefore we are able to show the individuals AN example of what a distinct segment authority website is and what we’re attempting to do with Sam’s whole here. Therefore as you guys will see, lemme just take over real fast. This can be my initial affiliate web site. It’s primarily a distinct segment authority website in-home recording niche.

 As you guys will see here, I do reviews of headphones and if you guys have seen my YouTube channel, I actually have plenty of earpiece reviews. a number of them have one hundred,000,200,000, over 300,000 views.

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