5 Winter Car Gadgets put to the Test!

Hi, I’m going to put to the test bunch of car gadgets for the snow or ice, especially for windshield Or you need to clean up at least three inches of snow so check this out, I got here little broom looks like a broom anyway How does this work?

Oh, they go you can come out like that extend it a lot This right here goes front and back so that way you don’t have to hold on to the cold piece And then you can turn this By pressing it and turning it like that, Ok that looks pretty cool.

Let’s see how it does. Ok, I’m going to start from the top, nice. Oh Looks like we got ice under there, But it is definitely the easiest way to clean the snow. But as you can see that the entire window is full of ice because it starts melting and it froze but as you can see the brush is perfect I can go like that and clean the whole window.

Winter Car Gadgets

I have a long hand of course if you have, Shorter hands than me you might just want to step around it. Wow, this thing is amazing to look at! That’s for sure wow this is probably the fastest way to clean a car, that’s for sure. Wow, that that does a good job too, and fast!

This right here regular feet and as you can see I have to even with the very one hands like mine I can’t have to bend over and still, I can only reach halfway It does the same good job, but it’s just too far So instead I rather use this look at that I can reach all the way to the other side But as you can see ice is annoying I don’t like scraping ice on my window because it might scratch up my window.

But you have to wait forever for it melts especially on the older cars, but I love it to look at it. I can reach all the way down to the other side of the window so I don’t have to walk around This is awesome so definitely instead of this little thing I’ll take this any day look.

How fast we clean the whole window also I love to clean up my car instead of driving until snow at the other cars, It’s not nice might cause an accident or something. This part right here looks so easy. Don’t even put too much pressure, so that way I don’t scratch up my car, Very nice and look. I don’t even need gloves. Look how fast that was I Don’t have to go from one side to the other side quickly okay?

That could be really annoying to clean up too look at that. That’s easy Get all the snow out so fast I love this tool so much and for the window Wow instead of grabbing a broom you have a specialized snow gadget to clean up your car Tell me this is not the easiest way to clean up an SUV?

Cleaned it up completely from one side Where this tool was all my life Usually cleaning snow so annoying and if you know you’re going to have a lot of snow Just take it out from your closet get it ready in the morning Clean all this stuff out get the car warmed up and you’re ready to go, your car is Super clean you can see everything.

so now it’s a lot safer and Looks at that don’t drive with the ton of snow also when you have lots of snow on your car That’s a lot of weight That’s not fuel-efficient, so you want to clean off all the snow So that way you’re not carrying all that weight on your car for nothing.

Don’t go, go out on the road this pile of snow on top of it and hit like a snowball fight on the road So get yourself one of those things they not very expensive at all, And look at that you have to deal with all that I said here on your mirror, too And the snow inside of your mirror.

 Let’s get annoying so if you watch a weathercast they say it’s going to be a lot of snow using this gadget BOOM! Check this out snow off car let’s see what this all about it, and then I said here a little towel. I guess you’d put it right on your mirror and then this, Little piece right here, Oh looks like it comes to in them And then you put it in I got one for the SUV. You can get the smaller kind.

That’s why when it’s snowing I don’t have a lot of snow here and in the morning or at night time it melts and they freeze on the mirror and Mirror so a lot of them don’t heat up So you have to deal with that scrape didn’t often scratch in the mirror And then you have another one to put on the other side and let’s see what this one is all about.

This is all part of the Protein emergency Thermal blanket it comes to that’s awesome. I put to the test emergency blanket before they’re very nice. It looks like it’s in a layer pouch So that way within you when you going to use it you can put it all together you put it on your wheels will chill.

Let’s see how hard it is there is a Suction cup, and I guess you can put this So I got this hook put it on the handle, and tie this up Early easy to make it much tighter there you go Takeoff and then I’d hear it’s a suction cup And then you do the same on this side Have to make sure it’s tight.

You don’t have to worry about snow at all, all you have to do is just leave this whole thing off and take the snow Off of it, and that way you’re not going to have frozen windows you would just take off all the snow like this BOOM! Easy! You know what guys I like it looks like it fits Barely, but it fits look at that It’s all closed in one pocket so I can just stow it somewhere Close by in a garage so that way I know.

there is winter stone coming I can prepare my car for that Even if it does isn’t snow it’s really easy to put it together But makes it a lot easier to clean off the car thumbs up for me for this gadget I know a lot of people have all the cars I used to and my heater or cooler did not work Well guess what you don’t have to fix it in your car.

You can just buy one of this I don’t know if it’s actually very efficient, but let’s put it to the test That’s a lot bigger than a Sticky piece that you can stick to something on your dashboard or whatever, but this is how it goes Fan off or heat, this is a standard plug right here top. Oh, pretty sure still kind of cold I’m just waiting on it to start warming up okay.

Now I feel the warmth You know what it’s actually almost like a hairdryer except with a plug for your car Let’s see if it can be first a window you see all that snow Maybe it’s a little bit too much snow, but it is actually getting a lot hotter. Oh, look at that It’s melting unless it actually takes a little bit to heat up But it is really hot now look at that piece of ice melting off completely.

To help yourself, Deforest, the windows look you can even see how it’s so melting that piece is sliding off now So you know what guys if you don’t have a heater in your car, I think this is better than nothing That was this thing when I had an old car pretty cool? Huh? Let me know in the comments below what do you think would you use one of these things or not, but the next gadget?

Also, if you don’t have any heat in your car and it’s freezing you got a die for 30 minutes to walk in a freezing car freezing cold well They sell the heated parts for your seat. Okay. Let’s open this up and let’s see what it’s all about You know how it works you put this part in oh yeah, also this plastic piece goes in here.

then you stick it into the Car and go put it to the other side so that way it’s not coming off That’s a smart idea a regular 4-volt plug at here high off Low heat on non-heated see that here. It’s 32 degrees 33 degrees that’s freezing cold the water starting to freeze at 32 degrees but on a heated part here at 76 76 to 972 68 Wow Once again when was this gadget.

when I needed it the most when I had a card without heated seat You know what? What would you rather sit on? 32-degree seats or 75 degrees seats, I’ll take 75 on a really cold day especially if my car does not have any heat like it’s broken or something, but anyway Thank you.

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