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Small Bathroom Remodel / Bath Renovation Project 4 minutes.

What’s up guys, today we will talk about DIY Small Bathroom Remodel. I am progressing to show you the way to rework this tiny contractor basic lavatory and gave it an entire New Look with a custom covered shower surround all told new fixtures. Keep tuned I will show you simply, however, I did it.

this is often the tiny lavatory I will be engaged on its six foot by five foot, excluding the bathroom and has 2 doors in it else it absolutely was conjointly the contractor basic package with bland flooring a sheet mirror generic lights during a basic shower therefore once my friends at the house Depot challenged Maine to rework a toilet, I simply jumped on the chance.

Bathroom Renovation Project

I started propulsion all the previous fixtures out of the lavatory the bathroom and self-importance go comparatively quick are they are simply unfastened however the mirror took a touch little bit of a delicacy as a result of it’s affixed to the wall we have a tendency to given or sold-out all the previous fixtures we have a tendency to may since they still work nicely currently, sadly.

There are extremely no thanks to getting a one-piece shower surround out of a toilet while not hacking it to bits I started removing the hardware and here’s a touch tip for the bathroom tub spouts Take an image of the face of the spout if you see a group screw.

It’s possible a friction suit you simply loosen that set screw and so pull the spout off if there isn’t any set screw there it is a rib work and you simply unscrew the spout once disconnecting the plumbing I used a 9 in.

a wide strip of laminate to attain a line around the walls higher than this spherical I used a smaller strip to stipulate the edges of this spherical in addition Keeping clean lines here goes to assist you down the road once it is time for brand new drywall With a hammer and a crowbar I take away the drywall round the surround to reveal the rim that is accustomed secure the shower to the wall studs at a lower place.

I checked behind the surround to create positive there’s no wires or pipes and so I started cutting And you certainly wish to wear a mud mask here whereas you are doing this The fiberglass is pretty nasty, however, a pointy blade and a power saw build fast work of the walls I mayn’t quite get through the bottom of the bathroom tub although however, I got it all the way down to a tiny low enough size.

wherever we have a tendency to could pull it out The last piece left was the ground I used a crowbar and force the grounding up that apparently wasn’t hooked up o.k. as a result of it came up extremely simply and that we replaced the Flooring with a contemporary white massive format tile and it extremely helps make a tiny low lavatory feel larger I created an entire video on substitution the floor.

therefore I will not cowl that these days, however, you’ll go examine the complete video there is a link below and at the top of the video with a fresh start it absolutely was time to begin building the lavatory make a copy and that we needed to travel with a bright Look to create this tiny area appear larger.

we conjointly needed custom touches to grant the lavatory a high-end feel and also the most concerned upgrade was the Delta up vogue wall system bathroom and also the plumbing connections required to be moved to suit the new tub, and I might extremely advocate employing an accredited pipe fitter for that.

I pre-drilled holes within the rims for the install then I attached the drain and overflow connections on the bathroom tub And once these were set I secured the bathroom tub to the studs with pan head screws I used shims anyplace wherever the bathroom tub was a touch of the studs to avoid cracking the flange.

Next up I did my initial dry work of the up vogue wall system we’re mistreatment I place the rear and left shut in an area to examine for an article of furniture and also the right wall desires cutouts for the plumbing therefore I took measurements and that I created cutouts for the spouts within the mixer valve.

The up vogue system is supported by furring strips on the wall currently one issue I might have done otherwise if I did it once more, although Is that add additional vertical studs in there in addition and build these twelve inches on center rather than twenty-four inches on the center that is what my lavatory has.

I feel it’s sixteen in. studs although. You’d in all probability be okay the twenty-four in. on center simply gave a touch additional flex than I might like once install and so I did an added dry work of all the walls to create positive the furring strips square measure within the right place.

I pre-drilled the flanges at the stud locations to create the install fast once the adhesive is placed on in addition The wall kit comes with double-stick tape to assist hold the wall to the furring strips whereas the adhesive sealer sets.

I used DAP three.0 for the sealer that is one of the 3 counseled products specifically for this acrylic material currently a generous quantity of adhesive is placed onto every strip and so we have a tendency to brought the rear shut-in.

We have a tendency to command it in situ ensuring it absolutely was level to the marks that we have a tendency to create throughout the dry work Then I secured it to the studs on the highest rim and during this very little screw recess within the accent tile channel.

I ironed the remainder of the wall firmly to the double-sided tape and unfold even pressure on the furring strips permanently contact before putting in the wall with applying pipes in it I placed on the fireplace agent pad provided within the child and cutout for the blending valve. I applied the sealing material to the furring strips rather like before thus I impacted the wall piece.

Then I secured the paneling with screws and so I perennial the method for the left aspect the largest issue to look at out for here is simply to create certain that the sidewall Our tights within the back before you secure them so there are no gaps within the corners and everything ought to are leveled throughout your dry match and Hey if you are new here and like what you are seeing take care to subscribe.

I hope to ascertain you around within the comments As a final step to assist the wall created firmly I exploit some 2 by fours impacted against the bathroom tub to carry the lowest tight and left it all to line up for twenty-four hours.

The wall system encompasses a nice subway tile look however what extremely sets it apart is that the custom accent channel to feature your own vogue we have a tendency to went with the hexangular mosaic tile for this feature.

I created my tile saw and that I used an additional floor tile clamped to the table as a zero clearance cutting surface cutting a shallow line within the tile allows you to see precisely wherever the cut is it conjointly provides you support to chop tiny tiles that have a bent to blow out and chip.

I prevent the tiles to the proper height of the accident gap and so I cut the stems to size for the start and ends of the channel and therefore the tile install is sort of touch completely different than traditional tile install Regular mastic will not persist with the acrylic.

thus once more here I had to use the special sealing material thus initial I seal off the corners to create certain that they were Watertight and so I stuffed therein screw channel to seal the screws and conjointly provides a flat surface for the tiles at the moment, the sealing material is applied rather like the mastic and trialed with a v-notch trowel I ironed the mosaic strips into the adhesive

I use tiny spacers to stay it from slips down and therefore the adhesive holds it firmly to the wall thus you do not get to worry regarding its deterioration. Simply slips down currently my biggest piece of recommendation here is to look at your edges on the highest and bottom.

I initial embarked on applying an excessive amount of the seal off and it had been globing au fait the perimeters and so I wasn’t golf stroke enough on there And it wasn’t quite projecting the tiny tiles in situ there is a fine line between obtaining simply the proper amount of adhesion while not obtaining a great deal of squeeze out.

There was positively a bit finagling to try to with the gaps right between wherever the strips link up, however, I sleek it all out best I might and let it sit for an additional twenty-four hours to cure currently the grounding stage is comparable to alternative grouting the sole issue you wish to try to here is mask off the encircling areas.

I exploit some painters tape and a few clear plastics to stay the grout from scratching the acrylic Then I concerned some raw grout and that I worked it into the mosaic tiles I did each of the aspect walls initial and that I came back and wiped off the surplus grout With a sponge before it might dry an excessive amount of and become troublesome to get rid of.

Then I enraptured onto the rear wall and that I did a similar method there at the moment I made a decision to get rid of the tape and work the grout joints a bit round the edges I am glad I did this as a result of I positively had some bleed over and dealing the joints currently before they totally hardened Let ME still form them and proper any problems.

I finished up for the day by buffing off the maximum amount of the grout haze as I might then I came back and got the remainder Of it ensuing day The last piece to shut up the shower surround was to seal off all the seams I taped off the seams with painters tape and that I used a grout seal off to match the grout that I used for the accent strips it had been a bit mussy on it right side.

Thus on the left aspect, I went ahead and taped that seam furthermore for the acrylic seams I went back to the DAP three.0 and caulked all the seams victimization my finger to sleek everything out and so removing the tape Honestly, although I might explore the opposite 2 counseled cocks for this task as a result of when a couple a few one or 2 a handful some of the weeks the DAP is already a dingy White.

We haven’t even used the shower however And with the shower all buttoned up I enraptured on to repairing the drywall I lined up the rear wall up the lower parts of the aspect wall with some straight drywall strips For the corners I cut formed items out victimization my multi-tool The multi-tool is nice for cutting odd formed items associate degreed drywall.

It extremely makes short work of it victimization and formed piece rather than two connecting straight items conjointly makes mudding and mix within the corners abundant easier. I taped and applied my initial coat of drywall mud to the seams and therefore the screw holes I am not significantly sensible at drywall.

However I compose for it by enjoying it even less In total, I did four coats of mud sanding between each And one issue I’ve learned on the means is it’s far better to try to a lot of light-weight coats than to undertake to try to fewer thicker coats Thick coats simply take means too long to dry and is liable to shrinkage.

no one likes shrinkage Before installing the shower hardware, I turned over the painting to Susan and she knocked it out we put up a nice light gray that goes well with a simple modern look that we’re going for I hung up the new light fixture to give us some better light and then I moved on back to the shower When I tried to install the mixing valve cover though.

I realized the hole that I’d cut wasn’t quite large enough I should have cut it much law to allow servicing the mixer valve But at this point I just wanted to open it up enough for the cover to fit So I used my rotary tool to widen the opening The fixtures I’m using are the Evenly line from Delta We really liked their look and feel in the curves of the handles in The tub spout has this fun little twist to it.

That just gives it some great character and they both just screw on in our set in place I also added sealant on both pieces to avoid water leakage into the wall the showerhead was the last piece to be installed. It definitely gives the shower a more custom feel also.

I finished off the renovation by installing a new Delta toilet a vanity with the overly style faucet and a mirror. These are all easy to install in the upgraded versions we went with really transformed the look in the feel of this small bathroom now I’ll have links in the description to all the items.Thanks.

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