Top Software Development Trends To Follow In 2021

It is like we just entered 2021. And whoops, we are already past two months. With the new year, we see new trends in almost every field. So is the case with software development. The experts have started discussing the trends in the development of software that will remain highly relevant.

Companies throughout industries assume that the victors of corporate wars are based on cutting-edge technology. They believe greatly in the skills and capabilities of software developers and consider them a precursor for development and prosperity. 

In 2021, 7 trends in software development will significantly raise. Let us discuss them in detail.

7 Trends in Software Development in 2021

1. Native app development has a bright future

Indigenous applications are the software programs designed to work on certain devices such as mobile phones, desktops, tablets etc. And because two main competitors on smartphones i.e., iOS and Android — capture the web application as well as the mobile application market, native applications are mostly built for these 2 development platforms only.  In the last few years, app development firms have gained fast dollars and since this field of work is only expanding, it will continue to do so by 2021.

2. Apache Spark will rule the data analysis space.

Hadoop Map-Reduce was the favorite technology for big data processing and simulation in past years. However, moving forward Apache Spark took over the market. It developed on Hadoop Map-Reduce limitations by handling the memorizing of the data rather than saving it after each process. It also has reduced significantly costs and increased productivity.

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3. NodeJS, Angular 2+, ReactJS will remain the most sought-after frameworks.

Angular 2+, NodeJS, and React are among the three mightiest frameworks ruling the market over the years. Professionals believe that this trend will continue to rise in 2021 as well. Here is what they predict:

  1. Angular 2+ is the best scripting language to develop effective UI (User Interfaces).
  2. NodeJS is number 1 language to build scalable and fast network operations.
  3. ReactJS allows developers to create lesser line of codes and offers improved productivity and efficiency by virtual DM implementation.

4. Kotlin, Java, and Scala will rule the roost in 2021

In 2021 Java is going to be 3 decades older, and it is not going to leave the stage any time sooner. The JVM i.e., Java Virtual Machine is a solid foundation for Java as well as allied languages such as Kotlin and Scala. But, now it is going to be a bit more costly. The license has been changed for Java Virtual Machine by Oracle, who owns Java. It implies that businesses using Kotlin, Scala, and Java must shell out enormous dollars.

5. Rust programming language will emerge as the undisputed king in 2021

For global information technology companies like Microsoft and Intel, Rust is becoming the center of attraction. The social networking machines like Facebook are also attracting attention. Even though Rust is developing and needs to walk miles until it reaches the cult following of languages such as Java, it gains a huge influence from various industries.

Rust is much more than an assembler or a group of library resources. There is an increasing list of companies that asserted Rust to be adopted by 2021. In the course of the years, Rust that was conceived as a hobby language, has got pretty popular.

6. Distributed SQL will top the charts in databases

Worldwide, companies recognize that in the absence of databases they cannot function. And SQL is the leading figure. In 2021 and in the following years, specialists chant with the same voice that SQL remains unmatched. This is because SQL offers long-lasting transactional ACID guarantees needed for multiple enterprise applications.

It is important that companies of all sizes search for software that creates a distinctive variety of horizontal NoSQL scaling along with the ACID guarantee of a Database server of SQL. It is essential that they should mention here.  Google’s Spanner and Aurora are two solutions that comply with this prerequisite. The great and powerful battle of datasets in 2021 is fascinating to see. However, one thing that we are sure of is that the organization that will succeed is going to grab a lot of clients and make good money.

7. Cloud technology will become ubiquitous

Cloud technology is being used by organizations of all sizes — start ups, moderate businesses, and enterprises— according to current trends. According to statistics, businesses in a variety of industries are increasingly embracing cloud technology, including tourism, hospitality, IT, education, transportation, transportation, health, banks, and intelligence services.

Experts expect that the trend will continue in 2021 and beyond. Furthermore, cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure offer free credits to businesses who sign up for their cloud environments. For instance, Google offers businesses up to $300 USD in credit in return for a year of hands-on training.


Among the most dynamic markets in the world is software production. Global IT behemoths have risen and fallen in subsequent years, and the pattern will persist in the near future as well. Trends in software development may shift. Traditional coding languages will fade away, and we will see new languages taking their place.

Every industry has been changed by software systems, which has also increased competition. In order to achieve a competitive edge in the future, companies will need to invest in and build new technology. Many who sit idle would be forced to close their doors.

That being said, if you are convinced that software development has a bright future in terms of career prospects then we would suggest you not wait for a second and get in the line. To learn how to code and develop apps, enroll in coding bootcamps or online web development certification training and get yourself started.

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