Reasons to Study in Master’s in Germany

When you think of Germany, you think of fast cars and good roads, and beautiful infrastructure. Another aspect that has gained popularity over the years is the educational opportunities in Germany. Here we look at the top reasons why you should consider pursuing your MS in Germany.

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1.  Cost of Education

An important criterion people look at when choosing their mode of education is the cost involved. Especially when you are not from a wealthy background, and there is an unfavorable exchange rate in terms of currency. But Germany has numerous economically viable options for students to choose from. They are not left breaking their backs to repay student loans when they decide to study in Germany.

Germany has a very broad outlook on education, and most public universities have a zero tuition fee rule for both national and international students to encourage advancement in science and tech fields. It allows one to finish their education within a viable economic range.

2.  Scholarship Opportunities

A lot of universities, research organizations, government organizations, and corporations offer scholarships to international students. When you study MS in Germany, scholarships often cover your tuition fees or partially take care of your monthly living cost, such as accommodation, books, academic subscriptions, etc. This helps student’s concentrate on their education without feeling burdened by expenses.

3.  Quality of Education

Students who have taken up their masters in Germany often mention how much better the program is than what they were used to in their graduation. The professors have hands-on expertise, and the education system ensures students are at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements. Overall, it allows you to flex your wings.

4.  Student’s Discounts

Germany offers students special discounts on facilities such as transport in the form of bus/train passes, health insurance, and gym fees, food in cafeterias, attending events such as exhibits and conferences, etc. Some universities offer free laptops until education is complete, whereas others provide a considerable discount for students buying laptops.

5.  Research and Collaboration

When you study in Germany, you are at the forefront of cutting-edge research and technology. Many universities work closely with companies and have partnerships to involve students in their research programs. This allows students to acquire knowledge during their study programme and get hands-on experience in putting what they learned to practice.

6.  Safety

Germany is very friendly towards its international students. There is no persecution of step motherly attitude at play. The country itself is free of political or social unrest. In fact, Germans are so fond of their peaceful surroundings, any loud ruckus post 10 PM is considered a cognizable offense. One of the most important considerations for any family sending their children away to study is how safe the environment is for them to thrive. Studying MS in Germany is a very appealing option for such families as Germany ensures that.

7.  The Dream European Holiday

Everyone has dreamt of that one holiday in Europe. One of the most interesting facts about the student visa you acquire to study in Germany is that it allows you to travel through 27 other European nations. In fact, airlines are so cheap that you can travel to Italy or Prague for as low as INR 1000! Although this should not be the main motivator, it surely does not hurt to have the option of visiting some of the most fabled tourist destinations on a weekend trip.

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