Using skills testing and recruitment software to gain better candidates

Hiring companies employ recruitment agencies so they can have the choice of the best candidates in the market. And in order for agencies to deliver this, they need recruitment software along with good skills testing software.

How useful are skills testing software?

Skills testing provides solid proof of a candidate’s skills and abilities. There are countless skills tests available that assess a variety of talents and at different levels of difficulty.

The most popular skills tests are :

•          Literacy

•          Numeracy

•          Data entry

•          Typing

•          MS Office

•          Accountancy

And these are just some of the most popular skills assessments available in the market. A good skills testing software will host a library of skills tests for every type of job role.

Online skills testing is extremely useful for recruiters. It is a more efficient way to test applicants. It is particularly useful when recruiters are trying to mass hire candidates. Using skills testing software, recruiters can send the appropriate test link via email to all the candidates at once. Then all the individuals who receive the test link can easily complete it from anywhere as long as they have a computer device connected to the internet.

Online skills testing makes it easy for both recruiters and candidates. There’s no longer the need to arrange a physical test site or set a particular date and time for the examination. Candidates can also take the test at their convenience. And once the skills test is completed, results are automatically available to the recruiters. This result gives recruiters an edge over their rivals who do not use skills testing to measure a candidate’s capability. Hiring companies get a more clear understanding of the applicant’s talents through the test results.

Where does recruitment software come in?

It is when recruiters utilise a good recruitment software that they can experience a more streamlined workflow and a more productive recruiting desk. Recruitment CRM enables efficiency. Before using CRM software, most agencies and recruiters have a disorganised way of working. The data they collect is stored in different files under various folders. It can be quite chaotic to pull up information easily.

Using a recruitment software solution immediately puts them at an advantage. They are more efficient because of the single platform nature of the software. Everything is stored in that one platform which also makes it easy for recruiters to access and find data. Good recruitment software will also integrate with other useful recruiting tools, one of which is skills testing software.

Candidate information is stored in the CRM system so when it is time for recruiters to send the skills test to the applicants, they can quickly create groups and then send the appropriate test to them. The test results can also be linked to the individuals so that it is easier for the next time when the candidates are considered for another role.

What do hiring companies stand to gain?

As mentioned above, skills testing provides concrete and objective proof of an applicant’s skill set. The assessments are set at different skill levels so there is a relevant type of test that can measure skills at different levels.

Skills testing candidates helps recruiters and hiring companies to gain a better perspective regarding the candidates they have. They can make informed hiring decisions based on these tests. It also contributes to helping the recruiting process to proceed quickly.

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