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The perfect study table, how to choose?

With work from home being the new normal, investing in a good study table has become as important as investing in any other furniture. The need for a study table was limited to a kids’ study table a while back. The availability has changed due to the shift in demands.

The perfect study table

With the kind of variety available in each furniture shop, it is bound to leave you confused. Let us take a look at some things that need to be kept in mind while picking a bespoke study table for yourself.

Size – For a smaller room, you can have a wall-mounted or a straight desk against the wall. This saves space and the table can be fixed in a corner. For a larger room, a U-shaped or an L-shaped table can be used.

Ergonomics – The best way to decide the height of the study table is to sit and check. If you are buying for your child and there is room for growth, investing in an adjustable chair also helps. It is vital to ensure that posture is correct and there is enough back support while choosing the table.

Storage – Given the space constraints in houses, it is important for the desk to have some storage provisions as well. Drawers or shelves underneath are ideal especially if the desk is being bought for children or as a part of an office. While buying a study table with storage, it is essential to check if the person sitting has enough leg space. The drawers should be sturdy and the shelves should be able to take a considerable weight.

Mobile desk – If the table is going to be used for multiple purposes or you a serial redecorator, then it makes sense to pick a study table with castor wheels. Not to mention wheels make it considerably easier to clean underneath the desk.

Child-friendly – When choosing a piece of furniture exclusively for children, it is required to check the furniture piece for any sharp edges or other dangers that can harm the child. You should remember that the child may be left around this table unsupervised and that should not result in an unfortunate incident.

Things that also should be checked for are toxin-free paints, lead-free paints, and material that can break easily or shatter. The desk should be sturdy and should also be water-proof and easy to clean.

Aesthetically appealing – Modern-day designs ensure that there are enough options to choose from, no matter the theme and color scheme of your room. Choosing a study table that complements the rest of the room is possible and can be done easily.

Although most times people prefer to opt for a ready-made piece of furniture, it is good to know that customizable options are available which can be built suited to your needs. Materials can be picked and the shape as well the measurements can be specified.

Study tables can be used for a lot of things. Happy shopping!

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